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To find work that truly matters can change your life. My work is a calling and I take a multi-prong approach to my client's needs. With a 360-degree perspective to aging, I combine aging services, compassion, and technology. Contact me for creative solutions for innovation in aging programs and services.

Let's Talk Sexy

Conversations About Aging: Let’s Talk Sexy

Let's Talk Sexy? The Sex Talk with your parents or grandparents? It's a thing for adult children or those who work with aging adults. If you remember your talk or lack of you definitely want to begin planning today. Conversations About Aging Occasionally I'm asked to talk about online dating for seniors and the Come Back ...

How do I spot a romance scammer?

Dating After Sixty How Do I Spot A Romance Scammer?

How Do I Spot A Romance Scammer? Where are you likely to find a Romance Scammer? Perhaps on Facebook. A few times a week I receive a friend request from a man I have never met. Usually, the man is divorced or a widower. In addition, he is often in the military or a business executive. Lastly, he almost always has no friends. ...

Sex doesn't end at sixty

Conversations in Aging – It’s Not If But When You Will Have Sex

Conversations in Aging You Will Have Sex It's not if, but when. You will have sex. These were the words I shared with my 76-year-old client. A father and grandfather he is in a complicated place. Moving forward in the next phase of his life. Yes, you will have sex and you need to wear a condom. Were my honest words of ...

Rock Your Retirement

San Marcos Celebrates with @RYRetirement & @ComeBackCupid

Celebrate Your Retirement Retirement on your mind. Save the Date April 20th for Rock Your Retirement Podcast(RYR). RYR is celebrating it's one year anniversary at the San Marcos Senior Center. Over the past year, the RYR podcast focus on Retired Excited has featured many local resources. However, there are some people you want ...