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To find work that truly matters can change your life. My work is a calling and I take a multi-prong approach to my client's needs. With a 360-degree perspective to aging, I combine aging services, compassion, and technology. Contact me for creative solutions for innovation in aging programs and services.


What Can A Commercial Teach Us About Aging? Prepare For #FutureWe

Television and the Passage of Time If you watch commercials as an aging expert you see the world differently. When I saw the advertisement for vaccinations to prevent the human papillomavirus (HPV) it caught my attention. In the 30 second TV spot, a young man or woman reverse aging. Do you remember Benjamin Button? The Message ...

National Senior Games On Snapchat

How Snapchat Can End Ageism and Negative Stereotypes

Is Snapchat for Older Adults? In a word yes, Snapchat is for older adults! While having lunch with colleagues, I mentioned using Facebook to reach my audience. After all when you are passionate about a topic and want to share a message where do you go? In 2017 you turn to social media. If you are like many people your friends are ...

Gary Vaynerchuk at SXSW

Why This Gerontologist Thinks @garyvee Will Change Aging

A Gerontologist What's That? When I say I'm a Gerontologist, the response is polite. If I'm lucky someone will ask what's that? However, when you say I'm an entrepreneur. Often people nod their head in approval. Then when I mention, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk the response is usually a huge knowing smile.  By the way, a ...

Brain Health Awareness Week

#BrainHealthAwarenessWeek Creating Communities of Collaboration

Brain Health Awareness Week at Your Library More than books is the best way to describe community libraries. First, it began with Brain Fit Now! a brain health system for older adults. Next, the Oasis Institute specialized in lifelong learning. Then partnering with, Rancho Penasquitos Library. Finally tieing them together is the ...