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To find work that truly matters can change your life. My work is a calling and I take a multi-prong approach to my client's needs. With a 360-degree perspective to aging, I combine aging services, compassion, and technology. Contact me for creative solutions for innovation in aging programs and services.

older driver awareness

Ready, Set, Go! How Exercise Benefits Older Drivers

Exercise Benefits Older Drivers It's important to understand exercise can benefit the abilities of older drivers. While many know it can improve stress and weight loss few understand how it affects driving. Consider these points: The ability to easily maneuver in and out of a car. The range of motion to turn their head ...


Awareness! The Best Advice for Older Drivers

Building Awareness Awareness. American Poet Maya Angelou said,‚ÄúI did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.‚ÄĚ More than 75% of drivers age 65 or older report using one or more medications. However, less than 1/3 acknowledged awareness of the potential impact of the medications on their driving. The ...

older driver safety week

Banish the “Keys Talk” Create a Conversation

A Week for Awareness This week professionals are focusing on older  drivers. During the next five days, I'm joining the American Occupational Therapist Association to create awareness on driving in America. Currently, there are almost 43 million drivers age 65 or older. That's approximately 20% of the population. Or at a ...

benefits of yoga for senior drivers

Neighborhood Yoga Benefits Senior Drivers

Yoga in Your Neighborhood Whether you choose chair or basic yoga both benefit seniors says Krista Kuhlman! Krista is the "K" behind K-Squared Yoga a local business. K-Squared offers classes in yoga and meditation. Her goal is to offer affordable, community classes to get people moving in San Diego neighborhoods. As part of her ...