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To find work that truly matters can change your life. My work is a calling and I take a multi-prong approach to my client's needs. With a 360-degree perspective to aging, I combine aging services, compassion, and technology. Contact me for creative solutions for innovation in aging programs and services.

Patti Cake$ The Movie

.@PattiCakesMovie | Meet The Hero Next Door

PATTI CAKE$ The New Face of Caregivers When I watch a movie my gerontology training comes with me. Unexpectedly a crazy good rap soundtrack is the background to three generations struggling with addiction, caregiving, and medical debt. PATTI CAKE$ is also a look at the 10 million Millennial caregivers with dreams and the grit to ...

Allure Magazine Drops Anti-Aging

.@Allure_magazine Drops #AntiAging Language

Allure Magazine Says Yes To Aging While anti is a common turn of phrase. However, when it came to the phrase anti-aging I turned my nose up. Perhaps it's the verbivore in me. If I say anti-aging it means I'm against aging? Obviously, as an aging expert and gerontologist, it's far from the truth. In fact, I embrace aging and ...

Life is 10% what you make of it (1)

Life is 90% How You Take It – Tips for Aging Well

The Power of Resilience - Age Well When you look back and see where you come from consider the power of resilience. Now a common catch phrase is #adulting. Often it refers to doing something unpleasant. For the most part having to move toward something rather than running away. In a word resilience. Age and Attitude While ...

How To Leave A Legacy

How To Leave A Legacy | Top Tips To Make A Difference

How To Leave A Legacy When we think of friends and loved ones who have passed it is through memories. Perhaps a story of a shared experience or a narrow escape! When retelling these tales we relive the moments. By the same token, a legacy is more than a building or monument it is your essence. In order to create your legacy ...