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When working with older adults and their families use this page as a reference guide. If you need additional resources, please contact me.

Understanding Elder Abuse

While physical exploitation is often top of mind there are five other types of abuse. These include abandonment, financial, isolation, mental suffering, and self-neglect. If you suspect your client is experiencing abuse consider the following tips.

  1. Create awareness – Many older adults may not recognize abuse. In view of this educate your client with community resources. The San Diego County District Attorney offers a quarterly newsletter Safe Seniors.
  2. Report abuse – To make a referral contact Adult Protective Services (APS)  800.510.2020. When you contact APS they will begin an investigation. If you specialize in working with older adults you may wish to register and create an AIS Web Referral account. 

Boomers and Aging

Currently, the oldest boomer is age 71 and the youngest is age 53. In view, of the nearly two-decade gap, NAPO members need multiple strategies.

  1. Older Boomers – For one thing promote aging in community. Including a focus on social capital and maintaining connections. In addition resources on home management, social activities, and transportation
  2. Younger Boomers – To begin the conversation focus on health and wellness. This includes health promotion including annual flu vaccinations and inoculation for Shingles. In addition, dental and vision care are a priority. Lastly, the concept of building social capital. When building capital early through connections your clients will have a larger network to draw on in older age.

Understanding Aging

Ultimately, we all age difference. Therefore the importance for successful aging is on risk reduction of illness and injury. In addition, the enhancement of social connection and wellness. By sharing these resources with your clients you empower them with the information to make healthy aging choices.

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