Judi Bonilla

Questions about Senior Transportation

Questions about Senior Transportation Resource

Do You Have Questions About Senior Transportation?

Are you concerned about an individual’s ability to drive safely?

Do you know someone who has begun limiting their driving?

Are you concerned about having the keys talk with a loved one?

If you are a family member struggling with these questions Judi Bonilla is here to help you.

Since 1988 she has been helping families tackle difficult conversations and find the answers to tough questions. Did you know giving up the car keys is at the top of the Tough Conversations List?

How Does It Work?

Simple! Call Judi with your questions about elderly drivers and senior transportation. The solution might be a referral to a community transportation program, a recommendation to a driver improvement resource or an opportunity to work with her.
Judi provides the information and you determine the next steps.

Why Call Judi?

There are things you can’t unknow. If you see a loved one no longer able to drive confidently and safely the time to intervene is now. Remember driving skills of experienced drivers rarely improve without intervention. Family members similar to you reach out because they care. 

Are You Ready?

Your first step to helping an experienced driver and gain peace of mind begins with a phone call. It is now up to you click here to email a specific question. Or call Judi for a FREE twenty minute Senior Transportation Consultation take action and call today 619.742.3368.