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Transportation Resources for SRA Members

When working with older adults and their families use this page as a reference guide. If you need specific referrals please contact me directly.

SRA Freewheeling Workshop

Understanding the Value of Transportation

While SRA members provide a variety of different services transportation is a connecting link. This network includes community support, health, leisure, social participation, and work. When working with your clients consider how your service can compliment their independence and mobility.

Midlife, Boomers, and Aging

Currently, the oldest boomer is age 71 and the youngest is age 53. In view, of the nearly two-decade gap, SRA members need multiple strategies.

  1. Younger Boomers – Different from elder boomers they are a smartphone carrying, Instagramming user interesting in saving time. Incorporate time-saving and multigeneration value add to connect.
  2. Middle Boomers – Often the first to relate to being the sandwich generation. While many continue to work, they also balance caregiving responsibilities and child care duty for grandchildren. With this in mind does your service help both younger and older family members.
  3. Elder Boomers – For one thing promote maintaining a connection with their community. Include a focus on reducing isolation and improving accessibility.