What is the one question you have about aging?

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What about aging? On Anchor FM

What is the one question you have about aging? Growing up I was a curious child. Thank goodness for the City of Pico Rivera Library. Within those walls as a young girl, tween, and teen many of my questions were answered. However, many questions were left unasked those were often of a personal nature. Questions […]

Hey Judi What About This @Anchor

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Anchor FM the latest social media platform

What is Anchor FM? Anchor FM is your opportunity to join a social media platform where you don’t have to feel picture perfect! With Anchor you’re only recording audio. For the camera shy Anchor has no barriers and quickly connects you to a global community with just a few quick taps. Why Use Anchor FM? Again, […]

When Does Old Age Begin?

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Questions About Age on #Anchor

Anchor Question: When Does Old Age Begin?   That was the question I posed on the new platform Anchor. If you’re unfamiliar with this latest app here’s the short story. You can record brief audio clips and share them to a global community. By the way it is free!! Why ask, “When Does Old Age […]

Live Stream Video The Solution to Changing Aging

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Live Stream Video The Solution to Changing Aging-

Live Stream Video And Aging This week I swapped my gerontology hat for my social media marketing hat when I attended Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW16). Over three days one thing became clear it’s time for aging experts, Aging Life Care Professionals, geriatricians, gerontologists to embrace live streaming. If a picture tells a 1,000 words? The University […]

.@Hollis Thomases Joins #EncoreChat: Reinvention Works

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Hollis Thomases Talks About Reinvention

Reinvention? Who Me? Yes, you! If you think back you have been reinventing yourself ever since you realized you could. From junior high to high school. Then high school to college. Than college to career. Each time you moved backward or forward a bit of reinvention occurred. It’s 2016, “What if you planned for your […]

From #SMMW16 Build Your Brand With Video @Schmittastic

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Build your brand authority

Being the Best Bridesmaid changed Amy Schmittauer Life When Amy Schmittauer became a replacement bridesmaid she wanted to make a lasting impression on her close friend. In her video she connected the wedding guests to the life and love of the couple on an emotional level that brought tears and laugher. That one video changed Amy’s life […]

Tips For Better Storytelling With @ParkHowell

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storytelling with Park Howell

The Power of Storytelling If you’re an entrepreneur you are reminded how important storytelling is to your business. It’s  the platform to share your message with potential clients. Are you a good storyteller,” asked Park Howell to a room full of social media and marketing professionals. Are you a good storyteller? I asked myself and raised […]