Celebrate Older Adults Month: Talk To Your Family

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Talk to your elderly parents

Family Conversation My family, or one of the many reasons I became a gerontologist. I am the youngest daughter of older parents. It was in middle school I learned about life expectancy. Life expectancy is the average time a person will live, based on factors like gender and birth year. I remember calculating my parents would […]

Celebrate Older Americans Month: Caregiving or Helping

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Caregiving how we help elderly loved ones

Caregiving? Or Is It Helping? You help your mom with bill paying. You pick up your dad’s prescription at the pharmacy. You are helping your loved one and you are also providing caregiving. Martha Ranon of the Southern Caregiver Resource Center said in a UT San Diego article,“We often come across caregivers who don’t identify themselves […]

Celebrate Older Americans Month: Discuss Last Wishes

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last wishes

Wishes Mean Celebration Wishes? When I think of making a wish I think of blowing out being surrounded by friends as I prepare to blow out the candles on a birthday cake. In the milliseconds it takes to blow out the candles I makes my wishes for health, love, friendships, in a nutshell my hopes […]

Op-Ed To Doc-Ed “Take 5” An Opportunity to #DisruptAging

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Change Aging With Social Media

AMC “Take 5” Connects Viewers To Newsmakers Today on Morning Joe I caught a brief segment on the future of op-ed pieces in the age of social media and another link in changing how we see aging. AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan joined the conversation to announce the launch of Doc Club available on Sundance Now. The brief, five […]

GoGoGrandparent Connects Tech Shy Seniors To Services

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San Diego Senior Expert

GoGoGrandparent A Senior Focused StartUp GoGoGrandparent is the latest service to provide solutions for families  helping elderly loved ones to retain their freedom. A woman named Betty Lou Luce told her grandson she was afraid of driving at night. He gave her a number she could call to get around town after dark and she told her friends […]

Celebrate Older Americans Month Have The Finances Conversation

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Aging and Finances

Finances – Got Tubman’s? Last Saturday President Obama earned laughter when he quipped “Earning some serious Tubman’s” with post presidency speeches. It appears the president is thinking about his retirement and earning extra income. When I heard his comment I thought what a great way for families to start the finances conversation have with aging family members.  […]