Celebrate Older Americans Month Have The Driving Conversation

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Conversations about driving

Having The Driving Conversation With Aging Parents The 21st century has been filled with technology innovation and culture change that a decade ago was unimaginable. What is rarely discussed is the social aspect that affects families. In this century we are now facing first time conversations with family members around caregiving, driving,finances, last wishes, and sex. This […]

Celebrate Older Americans Month – 5 Conversations To Start

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Older Americans Month Start these conversations with your aging parents

Conversations We Need All Need To Start Avoiding conversations similar to the check engine light, winding road sign, or slippery when wet sign are never good ideas. Why then do we ignore the important questions about life and the transitions that are a part of it? Believe me life transitions will happen and I like being […]

Older Americans Month 2016

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Introducing Celebrating the 21st Century

May Is Older Americans Month …How Are You Celebrating?   Are you celebrating? Over 16 years ago at the stroke of midnight on January 31, 1999 we entered the 21st century. We  also began the process of remaking America into an age friendly nation. During this century 74.9 million Baby Boomers began turning age 65 and […]