Seniors Behind The Wheel With Freewheeling after Sixty

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Senior Transportation Resource Book

Behind The Wheel: Freewheeling after Sixty “Just talk to me.” Is the phrase we use when trying to begin a difficult conversation. For many adult children of older parents talking about giving up driving is a talk that comes laden with fear, trepidation and often avoided. Here’s the good news, that is in the past and now […]

.@RepJohnLewis The Face of Active Aging

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Active Aging Rep. John Lewis

Active Aging: Rep. John Lewis via Social Media With my gerontologist lens on life my heart leaped as I watched the Right Honorable (a title given to certain high officials such as government ministers and one I loved the sound of) Congressman John Lewis occupying the floor of the House at the U.S. Capitol. Congressman John Lewis has long […]