What America Needs To Know About Aging

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What you need to know about aging

Know the Truth about Aging I know about aging because I am a gerontologist.Therefor I am always eager to hear the topic discussed in the news. However, I never imagined the 2016 election put a spotlight in ageism in America. This morning as I caught up on the latest political news a news clip caught my eye. […]

.@realDonaldTrump Sleep Deprived?

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Is Donald Trump Sleep Deprived?

Updated August 11, 2016. Donald Trump’s sleep habits came up on the set of Morning Joe for the third time in six months.  Today Mika Brzezinski reported that Trump is exhausted, sleeping in “two-hour spurts,” and that as a result Trump is “losing it.” Joe Scarborough added those closest to Trump say,  “when he is tired he […]

My Grandma Needs To Give Up Driving

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Age-Friendly Business Consultant

Talking to Grandma About Driving Driving? When do you talk to experienced drivers about alternative transportation? The folks at Home Instead Senior Care suggest the “40-70 Rule.” This means if you are 40, or your parents are 70 it is time to talk. The rule makes sense and so does doing research before talking.  Create a Transportation Plan Similar […]

Five Retirement Money Tips

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Money Tips For a Better Retirement

Money Tips in Retirement Yesterday, I received a call from a friend asking me for job leads for two friends. Her friends are two healthy octogenarians. One 84 years of age and the other is 80 years old.  They are currently trying to make up a $1,200.00 monthly shortfall in their budget. It is a […]