Wrapping Up National Caregivers Month

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San Diego Midlife Caregiver

November is National Caregivers Month Caregiver? Is often a role that goes unclaimed by most adult children. While many midlife adults arrange transportation, medication, or medical appointments. Very few say they are a caregiver. Often it is described as “just helping.”  This helping is caregiving.  The Truth About Being a Caregiving In truth, providing caregiving […]

.@Pirelli Calendar Captures Midlife Beauty

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Beauty at Midlife

Midlife The Age of Beauty Aging, midlife these are topics of my daily conversations. Yesterday, I met with one of the American Society on Aging committees. As we talked about an upcoming conference the conversation turned to media. Movies, books, and TV. Who is willing to write a review about aging in popular culture? Aging and American Society […]