Christmas Hymn Proves Generation Gap Real

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generation gap

The Generation Gap is Real These days each generation has a soundtrack for their lives. Last night at a candlelight service I learned exactly what that means. As I opened the Christmas program a list of songs. Some were unfamiliar, My Grownup Christmas List. Then others were more familiar, Joy to the World. Joy to […]

Aging in America a Review for December 19 -23rd

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Aging in America December 19

December 19 – 23rd Aging in America Review Home for the Holidays If you are planning to spend time with loved ones, plan to take care of family business too. Thanksgiving has traditionally been Family Health History Day.  A time to learn about health conditions that run in families. From my personal experience, it’s also […]

Aging in America Week of December 12 – 16th

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Aging in America News December 12 - 16th

December 12 – 16th Aging in America Review San Diego Senior Housing Site Launch On Monday Social Entrepreneurs Chris Murphy and Chrisy Selder made history in senior housing. The two Co-Founders of Consumer Advocates for RCFE Reform (CARR) launched the website Choose Well. As a result, consumers have access to a database of housing with a rating system. […]

114th Congress Heads Home

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congress heads home

Congress and American Families The 114th Congress is now heading home to join their constituents. Before they left Friday night for the Senate did pass funding avoiding a government shutdown. A Future with Seniors In Mind The National Council on Aging set forth a three tier agenda for the 114th Congress. Tier One Make Permanent the […]

Aging in America The Week of December 5-9

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aging in america

Aging in America Aging in America is a review of the week’s events and how they affect our culture, economy, politics, and society. Older Driver Safety Awareness Week “Banish the Keys Talk Create a Conversation,” is my motto for the week.  I posted blogs on how to start the conversation and what action to take. Currently, there […]

Ready, Set, Go! How Exercise Benefits Older Drivers

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older driver awareness

Exercise Benefits Older Drivers It’s important to understand exercise can benefit the abilities of older drivers. While many know it can improve stress and weight loss few understand how it affects driving. Consider these points: The ability to easily maneuver in and out of a car. The range of motion to turn their head when […]

Awareness! The Best Advice for Older Drivers

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Building Awareness Awareness. American Poet Maya Angelou said,“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” More than 75% of drivers age 65 or older report using one or more medications. However, less than 1/3 acknowledged awareness of the potential impact of the medications on their driving. […]

Banish the “Keys Talk” Create a Conversation

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older driver safety week

A Week for Awareness This week professionals are focusing on older  drivers. During the next five days, I’m joining the American Occupational Therapist Association to create awareness on driving in America. Currently, there are almost 43 million drivers age 65 or older. That’s approximately 20% of the population. Or at a four-way intersection one driver will be […]

A War For Medicare in 2017?

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The War on Medicare War bound seniors? Yes, there is a possibility that seniors may go to war to keep their Medicare. When I learned the Representative Tom Price was named Secretary of Health and Human Services my heart sunk. Why? Senator Price has been the backer of privatizing Medicare. As a gerontologist, I know […]