Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know the Starfish Story

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Starfish Story

Starfish Saves Entrepreneur Starfish and entrepreneurs have more in common than people think. While they might appear singular and self-motivated they both benefit from help. Last week, this entrepreneur faced a setback. A potential two-year pause in bringing travel training for seniors in San Diego. My goal remains the same make it easier for 40,000 […]

Are You Ready to Grow Up, Grow Old, Or Grow?

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grow up and grow

Grow Old Or Just Plain Grow? The phrase “grow up” often means to stop acting childish. Often it might mean to be more mature. What if we looked at aging as the opportunity to grow? As a gerontologist, I am always working to raise the positive profile of aging.  Age and Time  Today, I heard Alan […]

Your Morning News Fix With @theSkimm and @Axios

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Morning News

Mornings With theSkimm  Almost two years ago I got skimm’d. To put it another way, I subscribed to the daily news email theSkimm. Instantly, Monday through Friday I receive a smart and short recap of the daily news. Specifically targeted to urban women aged 22–34 theSkimm changed my news habit. Each morning I open theSkimm. In […]

What’s Next for This Gerontologist?

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A gerontologist pivots

A Gerontologist Pivots On Monday this gerontologist began to pivot. The startup I run will not receive grant funds. My hands shook as I reread the email. A five-year mission to bring travel training to San Diego failed once again. Yes, this entrepreneur owns the word failure. This is what it looks like when you don’t […]

Professionals In Aging It’s Time to Join Tweeter in Chief

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Tweeter in chief

Hail to the Tweeter in Chief Whether you call him Tweeter-in-Chief or President-Elect, Donald Trump’s tweets matter. In the run-up to inauguration day, he has mapped out his first 100 days. As well as his pick for the Department of Health and Human Services. Now in January the administration is set for take-off. With that in […]

115th Congress Your #1 Reason to Join Twitter

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115th Congress

Congress in Session The 115th Congress begins tomorrow and if you’re similar to me you are watchful. In the first place, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Medicare are on the table. If you are launching a startup now is the time to begin listening on Twitter. Will the ACA will be there for you. […]