Why Your #AiA17 Conference Hashtag Matters

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Conference Hashtag Matters

Conference The Ultimate Live Event Today, many of my colleagues in the field of aging are at the American Society on Aging Conference. With over 2,500 attendees and over multiple workshops each day, it’s the place to be. Unfortunately, this year I am not with my peers in Chicago.  Though I’m in San Diego I […]

Film Review The Last Word Who Has It?

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Film Review The Last Word Movie

The Background Have you ever thought you might be a part of history? I have. It occurred to me when I was talking to my friend Bill Craddock. You see Bill was a Pearl Harbor survivor. When he recounted the day at Pearl Harbor it sounded like any other day. Until the attack. Even then it […]

Why This Gerontologist Thinks @garyvee Will Change Aging

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Gary Vaynerchuk at SXSW

A Gerontologist What’s That? When I say I’m a Gerontologist, the response is polite. If I’m lucky someone will ask what’s that? However, when you say I’m an entrepreneur. Often people nod their head in approval. Then when I mention, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk the response is usually a huge knowing smile.  By the way, a […]

Are You Presenting at #AiA17? Learn How to Promote Your Session

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#AiA ASA LinkedIn Presenter Session Tutorial 2

LinkedIn Webinar Tutorial for Presenters In this video, I show how to promote your session at the American Society on Aging Conference. It takes a few minutes of preparation. Remember you want to create awareness about your session. About the Author Currently, Judi Bonilla is the Director of Program Innovation at Advocates For Aging. She is the […]

.@SouthShoreElder Services Transportation Planning For Seniors

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SouthShoreElder Services Transportation Planning For Seniors

A Twist on Transportation Services South Shore Elder Services (SSES) has a new take on transportation. While researchers in aging know older drivers often outlive their ability to drive. Few Americans are aware of this fact. Consequently, many continue driving and are at risk For accidents and injury. Until now no one has cracked the code to […]

#AiA17 Presenters Learn How to Promote Your Session

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#AiA17 Presenters

#AiA17 Presenters If you are one of the presenting at ASA I know you have been working hard. When you speak at a national conference it’s after years of hard work. First, it was planning your program or services. Then it was developing the project or program. Next, it was the implementation. Finally, the analysis […]