How to Change Ageism in America? Change Culture First.

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Change aging? Change culture first.

Culture Change First If you’re similar to me you look outside yourself for inspiration. For this reason, I attended Politicon. The conference describes itself as the unconventional political convention. While some see aging as a personal experience, I know it has political consequences. Ultimately it will have a cultural and social impact too. Indeed I […]

Aging In Place – How Woke Are You?

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The Future of Aging If you think of aging in place on the top of your list might be your health. Next, perhaps your home. However, what’s missing are those in people to help you age in place. Early on in my gerontology career, I saw one of the first disconnects in how we view […]

Celebrate Independence Day With Freedom from Ageism

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Freedom from Ageism While the Fourth of July often means fireworks, parades, and flags for me it is a time of reflection. Over the years I have declared independence from many things. First, it began with freedom from perfectionism. Next, it was freedom from expectation. Now, I’m my intention is freedom from ageism! Each Generation […]