Find Love the Second Time Around?

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Finding Love the Second Time Around

Love the Second Time Around Finding love for the first time is daunting. However, finding love for the second, third, or fourth time is often more challenging. What if someone made it easier to help you navigate online dating? First, we listened to our students’ age 70 and older. Next, we combined our practical experience in […]

SoCal Fires Highlight Need For Evacuation Plan For Elders

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evacuation plan for elders

In today’s news, the fires in Southern California continue to burn and authorities confirm the first fire-related death. A 70-year-old woman fleeing the wildfire was killed in a car crash along an evacuation route. The death highlights the need for emergency preparedness for older adults. Notably, the Center for Disease Control reports older adults are more […]

Super Mario 64 A Brain Health Winner

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Super Mario 64 For Better Brain Health?

Video Games For Brain Health Today, the Universities of Montreal and Institute of Geriatrics of Montreal report video games are good for your brain. If you’re over age 55 games similar to Super Mario 64, may hold off cognitive decline and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.   Psychology professor Gregory West says, when the brain is not […]

Is American Awakening To Aging

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Is America Waking Up to Aging?

Good Morning America You Are Aging When you think about American “Youth Culture” usually comes to mind. However, our society is undergoing a significant change. Now the 75.4 million adults born after 1980 have surpassed the 74.9 million baby boomers. While boomers are getting older their grandchildren are watching them age. In fact, for some […]