.@Allure_magazine Drops #AntiAging Language

Allure Magazine Drops Anti-Aging

Allure Magazine Drops Anti-AgingAllure Magazine Says Yes To Aging

While anti is a common turn of phrase. However, when it came to the phrase anti-aging I turned my nose up. Perhaps it’s the verbivore in me. If I say anti-aging it means I’m against aging? Obviously, as an aging expert and gerontologist, it’s far from the truth. In fact, I embrace aging and share my view every chance I get. Until now I have felt as if I am speaking to with a lone voice. Until today. Today Allure Magazine made the announcement they will no longer use the phrase anti-aging.

A Change in Culture

Perhaps this is the beginning of a culture change about aging? Some credit the pop culture TV series Will & Grace for changing the attitude to same sex relationships. If this is true then let Allure Magazine be commended for bringing awareness about language. When a high-profile magazine takes a stand they deserve my support. 

It’s time to embrace aging and savor this very moment. Tick, tick, tick I’m minutes older than when I began writing this article.

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