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Annual Medical Check Up Day – Your Social Prescription

Annual Medical Check Up Day - Your Social Prescription

Annual Medical Check Up Day - Your Social Prescription

Medical Check Up Day

When was the last time you launched and paid a visit to Dr. Google? Surprisingly, early this year Australia launched Dr. Google a platform identifying 900 frequently searched health conditions. While it’s a great idea an Annual Medical Check Up with your health care provider is the best for your health. 

A Social Prescription?

However, while providers monitor physical health few discuss emotional well-being. Unfortunately, this oversight can lead to long term effects. In fact,  research equates loneliness to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

  1. Connect with a community – First go local and meet your neighbors. Go old school and join or start a Neighborhood Watch.
  2. Clubs or organizations – Next share your interest with others and expand your social circle.
  3. Meetup – Then, stretch your comfort level and pursue a new interest.
  4. Reconnect – Despite the passage of time text friends and acquaintances you’ve lost touch with.
  5. Professional relationships – Also develop a professional network plan your next career move or plan for retirement.
  6. Make a heart connection – Finally, reach out and make a heart connection do good, religion, or spirituality. Develop a sense of interdependence.

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