How to Avoid the Keys Talk and Never Ask For My Service

How to avoid the keys talk

Avoid the Keys Talk

What if you never had to ask your parents to give up the keys? In other words, imagine never having an uncomfortable conversation with an elderly family member? If this intrigues you consider these three tips so you never have to ask for my advice.

  1. Start the conversation about aging today. More importantly, open up your personal concerns about aging. Ask a loved for their advice. For one thing, they too were once your age. They may have regrets and want to help you avoid a similar pitfall. Then listen, no interruptions, let them talk.
  2. Next, continue the conversation. Like other relationships, a deeper conversation requires trust on both sides. It’s important to realize driving along with finances and end of life wishes are important topics. Unfortunately, most families avoid them. Which is why people call me.
  3. Lastly, keep in mind your goal is to create an action plan. When it comes to developing alternatives to driving it involves a self-awareness, realistic expectations, and flexibility.

Final Thoughts

In a word, an action is required. While research can be laborious and time-consuming. In reality, the reason why families end up having the keys talk is that they never begin an honest conversation.


About Me

I’m an author, aging expert, and gerontologist dedicated to creating self- awareness in Americans to age well. In order to influence change, I connect to multigenerational audiences through social media. In addition, I work with start-ups, agencies, and small businesses to enhance service delivery to older adults. As a valued resource for topics about aging I curate information about aging by blog, podcast, and an Alexa Skill.

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