Is American Awakening To Aging

Is America Waking Up to Aging?

Good Morning America You Are Aging

When you think about American “Youth Culture” usually comes to mind. However, our society is undergoing a significant change. Now the 75.4 million adults born after 1980 have surpassed the 74.9 million baby boomers. While boomers are getting older their grandchildren are watching them age. In fact, for some families, there are five generations around the dining room table.

No More Hiding From Age

If multigenerational families and workplaces are the norm aging is in full view. This particular change in society has the power to change the stereotypes of aging. By living and working together generations can reveal the truth about aging. We all age differently. While are super agers who are mountain climbing rock starts, there is also another who need assistance. In addition, there is the tech-savvy hipster smartphone in hand and the wounded warrior who navigates life in a wheelchair. Age and life experience shape each of us and we have a unique opportunity. To see the future and remember the past when we get to know one another.

America, Aging Is Good

Believe me, aging is good. In fact, think about it this way. When you meet someone older you meet someone who has lived their future. In the past, we were quick to say you have your future in front of you. Today as we live longer each of us has the opportunity to live several futures. Today is the time to begin your next future.

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