Breaking Bread With @DrBillThomas

Age Of Disruption Tour

Breaking Bread A Conversation With Dr. Bill Thomas

This week Eden Alternative and Green House Project founder, blogger and musician Dr. Bill Thomas arrived in San Diego as part of his Age of Disruption Tour. The tour was an opportunity for San Diegans and those working in the field of aging to explore and share their vision for Disrupting Aging!

Age Of Disruption Tour
Dr. Bill Thomas and Jennifer Carson talking to Loren Shook Silverado Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board.

The conversation began with an afternoon lunch with over 20 individuals working in the field of aging breaking bread with Dr. Thomas. The diverse group of included caregiving agencies, healthcare providers, lifelong learning organizations, non-profits, social entrepreneurs, and the county agency. Each of these passionately committed to their work in supporting San Diego’s aging population.

What is the way forward? Kristen Chauzaud of Keepsake Companions said, “The tour came at the perfect time as San Diego changes the trajectory of the aging conversation. As we talk about age friendly communities, alliances, and integrating elders into their rightful place in the community instead of segregating them into nursing facilities. Dr. Thomas tour not only created a platform to have these inspired conversations, but brought together music, theatre, and play to remind San Diego residents that living life to the fullest is an ageless concept.”

Elderhood rising — the dawn of a new world age 


My thanks to AARP CEO JoAnn Jenkins and President Jeannine English for generously hosting the Age of Disruption community conversations during the Age Of Disruption Tour.