How To Increase Social Connection During COVID-19?

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The visibility of aging has undergone a period of awareness over the past ten years, as the population of individuals over age 65 increases to over 49 million. True, aging is hard to ignore. However, it is also challenging as various factors affecting this population go under reported. Namely aging alone, social isolation, and limited […]

What have we learned about aging and COVID-19?

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The awareness of social isolation and the impact on olders. Not a day goes by when we don’t hear information about the COVID-19 virus. Or its impact on leading to social isolation. Yet, those in aging have been tackling this crisis long before the virus pushed it into the headlines. The truth is the pandemic […]

Coronavirus Prevention: COVID19 Shopping Tips for Olders

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Coronavirus Prevention: COVID19 Shopping Tips for Olders Empower yourself with COVID19 prevention tips to make your next shopping trip as safe as possible. Please read, share, and most importantly use before your next trip to the supermarket. Use senior hours Identify age-friendly hours at your local market and specialty stores. Create a shopping list Write […]

Are You On My Vision Board?

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images of older adults on a vision board

Featuring You On My Vision Board While at a meeting I had a brilliant thought. (Even if I say so myself). Why not rebrand an upcoming “strategic planning” meeting to a “vision board” session? Theoretically, the concept is the same to create goals and a strategy to achieve during the next year. My colleagues responded with a […]

Are Older Adults Using Lyft and Uber?

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Vintage Car | Transportation Solutions For Communities

Transportation Solutions For Communities When older adults are considering giving up the keys due to health or safety reasons, a number of questions come to mind. How will I get around? Can I get to the store or to the doctor? How will this affect my social life? While some adults may choose to move […]

Aging In Place? Or The Impossible Dream?

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Aging In Place While 90% of older adults want to age in place. What are they doing to make it a reality? Today I had the opportunity to attend a  meeting of the National Aging In Place Council (NAIPC). Members of the group are individuals who work in the aging field.  Such as home care agencies, […]

Emma González Crushes Ageist Stereotypes

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Emma González Crushes Ageist Stereotype When you work in the sector of aging, age discrimination is a frequent topic of discussion. As an aging expert, ageism appears in the workplace, healthcare, and in the media. Surprisingly it also happens when older adults talk about the next generation. These are the conversations I relish the most. […]

How to Avoid the Keys Talk and Never Ask For My Service

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How to avoid the keys talk

Avoid the Keys Talk What if you never had to ask your parents to give up the keys? In other words, imagine never having an uncomfortable conversation with an elderly family member? If this intrigues you consider these three tips so you never have to ask for my advice. Start the conversation about aging today. More importantly, […]

The Neighbor Next Door…Memory Loss In The Neighborhood

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The Neighbor First Line of Alzheimer's Disease Support

When Memory Loss Arrives Next Door With over  5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s Disease, one of them might be your neighbor. Recently, while visiting with a friend she mentioned her neighbor was losing their memory. Now, she was doing her best to keep an eye out for them. It began when the neighbor forgot […]

Empathy The Key To Conversations with Senior Parents About Driving

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Empathy The Key To Conversations

This is Part 1 of a four-part series. Practice Empathy Judi Bonilla’s parents passed away before they reached a stage at which their driving would be unsafe, so it’s interesting that her personal crusade is to help seniors give up the keys when it’s time. But Judi, an American gerontologist, had an awakening when she […]