Celebrate Older Americans Month – 5 Conversations To Start

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Older Americans Month Start these conversations with your aging parents

Conversations We Need All Need To Start Avoiding conversations similar to the check engine light, winding road sign, or slippery when wet sign are never good ideas. Why then do we ignore the important questions about life and the transitions that are a part of it? Believe me life transitions will happen and I like being […]

Older Americans Month 2016

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Introducing Celebrating the 21st Century

May Is Older Americans Month …How Are You Celebrating?   Are you celebrating? Over 16 years ago at the stroke of midnight on January 31, 1999 we entered the 21st century. We  also began the process of remaking America into an age friendly nation. During this century 74.9 million Baby Boomers began turning age 65 and […]

What is the one question you have about aging?

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What about aging? On Anchor FM

What is the one question you have about aging? Growing up I was a curious child. Thank goodness for the City of Pico Rivera Library. Within those walls as a young girl, tween, and teen many of my questions were answered. However, many questions were left unasked those were often of a personal nature. Questions […]

Live Stream Video The Solution to Changing Aging

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Live Stream Video The Solution to Changing Aging-

Live Stream Video And Aging This week I swapped my gerontology hat for my social media marketing hat when I attended Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW16). Over three days one thing became clear it’s time for aging experts, Aging Life Care Professionals, geriatricians, gerontologists to embrace live streaming. If a picture tells a 1,000 words? The University […]

.@Hollis Thomases Joins #EncoreChat: Reinvention Works

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Hollis Thomases Talks About Reinvention

Reinvention? Who Me? Yes, you! If you think back you have been reinventing yourself ever since you realized you could. From junior high to high school. Then high school to college. Than college to career. Each time you moved backward or forward a bit of reinvention occurred. It’s 2016, “What if you planned for your […]

Village to Village The Key To Age Friendly Communities

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Are San Diego Villages The Key To Better Health?

The Village Concept The Village Concept is part of a movement started by the Beacon Hill Village 2002. The idea is having elders stay in their communities and bring in services to support aging in place. As a result, the Beacon Hill village’s pioneering effort has led to over 140 villages around the world. On a national […]

Is Mesh The Alternative To the Aging Services Patchwork?

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Aging Services in San Diego

Aging Services: Mesh Versus Patchwork Mesh is described as similar to a web or a net as it has many attached and connected woven strands. Patchwork is the piecing small pieces of fabric together to create a larger piece. What if we changed how we talked about the aging services network? Why Ask The Question? Dr. Bill […]

Breaking Bread With @DrBillThomas

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Age Of Disruption Tour

Breaking Bread A Conversation With Dr. Bill Thomas This week Eden Alternative and Green House Project founder, blogger and musician Dr. Bill Thomas arrived in San Diego as part of his Age of Disruption Tour. The tour was an opportunity for San Diegans and those working in the field of aging to explore and share their […]

American Airports: No Place For Old People

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American Airports Failing In Plain Sight   SAN-SFO-AUS-DFW-DCA-IAD are a few airports I’m familiar with that make no attempt to meet the growing needs of America’s aging society. With over 65 million Americans in the retirement pool and 10,000 Americans turning age 65 every day for the next 15 years, airports seem to be ignoring the writing on the […]