Life is 90% How You Take It – Tips for Aging Well

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Life is 10% what you make of it (1)

The Power of Resilience – Age Well When you look back and see where you come from consider the power of resilience. Now a common catch phrase is #adulting. Often it refers to doing something unpleasant. For the most part having to move toward something rather than running away. In a word resilience. Age and […]

Annual Medical Check Up Day – Your Social Prescription

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Annual Medical Check Up Day - Your Social Prescription

Medical Check Up Day When was the last time you launched and paid a visit to Dr. Google? Surprisingly, early this year Australia launched Dr. Google a platform identifying 900 frequently searched health conditions. While it’s a great idea an Annual Medical Check Up with your health care provider is the best for your health.  […]

Health Benefits of Celebrating #FriendshipDay

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Benefits of Friendship Day

Benefits of Friendship While the benefits of the friendship have long been described in poetry, books, and film. Now, there is another reason to gather your friends near. The facts are in the research. according to William Chopik, an assistant professor of psychology at Michigan State University. Chopik reports, as we age friendships become deeper and make us happy. On […]

#DementiaFriend Take Action and Make a Difference

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Dementia Friends - Living With Alzheimer's disease

Understanding Alzheimer’s disease   When I teach Brain Fit Now workshops I often share a startling fact about dementia. In a word, age. Unfortunately, it is the main risk factor for developing Alzheimer’s Disease. In fact, when it comes to dementia we are all at risk. Since this is part of the reality of living longer […]

#AiA17 Presenters Learn How to Promote Your Session

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#AiA17 Presenters

#AiA17 Presenters If you are one of the presenting at ASA I know you have been working hard. When you speak at a national conference it’s after years of hard work. First, it was planning your program or services. Then it was developing the project or program. Next, it was the implementation. Finally, the analysis […]

#BrainHealthAwarenessWeek Creating Communities of Collaboration

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Brain Health Awareness Week

Brain Health Awareness Week at Your Library More than books is the best way to describe community libraries. First, it began with Brain Fit Now! a brain health system for older adults. Next, the Oasis Institute specialized in lifelong learning. Then partnering with, Rancho Penasquitos Library. Finally tieing them together is the Dana Foundation. Expert Communities While each […]

Home Where Brain Health Begins

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home is where brain health starts

Home Sweet Brain Health? Why? Because brain health begins at home! If you are interested in reducing your risk for Alzheimer’s Disease this is the talk to attend. Tonight Gracepoint Church is hosting a panel to discuss brain health in the community. In this talk, you will discover how your brain works and how it can improve. […]