Coronavirus Prevention: COVID19 Shopping Tips for Olders

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Coronavirus Prevention: COVID19 Shopping Tips for Olders Empower yourself with COVID19 prevention tips to make your next shopping trip as safe as possible. Please read, share, and most importantly use before your next trip to the supermarket. Use senior hours Identify age-friendly hours at your local market and specialty stores. Create a shopping list Write […]

Are You On My Vision Board?

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images of older adults on a vision board

Featuring You On My Vision Board While at a meeting I had a brilliant thought. (Even if I say so myself). Why not rebrand an upcoming “strategic planning” meeting to a “vision board” session? Theoretically, the concept is the same to create goals and a strategy to achieve during the next year. My colleagues responded with a […]

Emma González Crushes Ageist Stereotypes

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Emma González Crushes Ageist Stereotype When you work in the sector of aging, age discrimination is a frequent topic of discussion. As an aging expert, ageism appears in the workplace, healthcare, and in the media. Surprisingly it also happens when older adults talk about the next generation. These are the conversations I relish the most. […]

.@PattiCakesMovie | Meet The Hero Next Door

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Patti Cake$ The Movie

PATTI CAKE$ The New Face of Caregivers When I watch a movie my gerontology training comes with me. Unexpectedly a crazy good rap soundtrack is the background to three generations struggling with addiction, caregiving, and medical debt. PATTI CAKE$ is also a look at the 10 million Millennial caregivers with dreams and the grit to […]

.@Allure_magazine Drops #AntiAging Language

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Allure Magazine Drops Anti-Aging

Allure Magazine Says Yes To Aging While anti is a common turn of phrase. However, when it came to the phrase anti-aging I turned my nose up. Perhaps it’s the verbivore in me. If I say anti-aging it means I’m against aging? Obviously, as an aging expert and gerontologist, it’s far from the truth. In fact, I embrace […]

Annual Medical Check Up Day – Your Social Prescription

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Annual Medical Check Up Day - Your Social Prescription

Medical Check Up Day When was the last time you launched and paid a visit to Dr. Google? Surprisingly, early this year Australia launched Dr. Google a platform identifying 900 frequently searched health conditions. While it’s a great idea an Annual Medical Check Up with your health care provider is the best for your health.  […]

Aging In Place – How Woke Are You?

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The Future of Aging If you think of aging in place on the top of your list might be your health. Next, perhaps your home. However, what’s missing are those in people to help you age in place. Early on in my gerontology career, I saw one of the first disconnects in how we view […]

Celebrate Independence Day With Freedom from Ageism

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Freedom from Ageism While the Fourth of July often means fireworks, parades, and flags for me it is a time of reflection. Over the years I have declared independence from many things. First, it began with freedom from perfectionism. Next, it was freedom from expectation. Now, I’m my intention is freedom from ageism! Each Generation […]

How Snapchat Can End Ageism and Negative Stereotypes

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National Senior Games On Snapchat

Is Snapchat for Older Adults? In a word yes, Snapchat is for older adults! While having lunch with colleagues, I mentioned using Facebook to reach my audience. After all when you are passionate about a topic and want to share a message where do you go? In 2017 you turn to social media. If you are like […]