Why This Gerontologist Thinks @garyvee Will Change Aging

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Gary Vaynerchuk at SXSW

A Gerontologist What’s That? When I say I’m a Gerontologist, the response is polite. If I’m lucky someone will ask what’s that? However, when you say I’m an entrepreneur. Often people nod their head in approval. Then when I mention, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk the response is usually a huge knowing smile.  By the way, a […]

#BrainHealthAwarenessWeek Creating Communities of Collaboration

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Brain Health Awareness Week

Brain Health Awareness Week at Your Library More than books is the best way to describe community libraries. First, it began with Brain Fit Now! a brain health system for older adults. Next, the Oasis Institute specialized in lifelong learning. Then partnering with, Rancho Penasquitos Library. Finally tieing them together is the Dana Foundation. Expert Communities While each […]

South by South Lawn? Why Not A Gerontologist?

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SXSL Entry for Judi Bonilla

Friday morning my friend and Black Baby Boomer Expert  Patricia A. Patton about President Obama’s White House festival South by South Lawn. Seems like an opportunity for us creative thinkers to share how we believe America can move forward together. Therefore an opportunity an opportunity to explore the topic of aging as America’s demographics shift. So, why not […]

San Diego Seniors Lose Services in June

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Solutions For non profits serving seniors

Seniors Lose When Nonprofits Close In San Diego we all lose when a nonprofit organization serving seniors closes. For those in the field of aging we know when a nonprofit closes it means a lack of funding. It never means services are no longer needed. This week the National Institute on Retirement Security reported  “Women more likely […]

Village to Village The Key To Age Friendly Communities

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Are San Diego Villages The Key To Better Health?

The Village Concept The Village Concept is part of a movement started by the Beacon Hill Village 2002. The idea is having elders stay in their communities and bring in services to support aging in place. As a result, the Beacon Hill village’s pioneering effort has led to over 140 villages around the world. On a national […]

The Rise Of Interdependence: Intergenerational America

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Generation Alpha

The Rise of Interdependence On MSNBC Morning Joe morning New Jersey Senator Cory Booker described his new book United. He spoke of Interdependence. A promise we make to each other. Booker caught my attention and I listened intently. Interdependence, yes he was talking about this beautiful word that I believe will transform the future of […]