Five Retirement Money Tips

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Money Tips For a Better Retirement

Money Tips in Retirement Yesterday, I received a call from a friend asking me for job leads for two friends. Her friends are two healthy octogenarians. One 84 years of age and the other is 80 years old.  They are currently trying to make up a $1,200.00 monthly shortfall in their budget. It is a […]

Packing for #AiA16? Check this list before leaving home.

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Tips For #AiA Conference Tips

1. Power Up! Your must have is a collection of power bars for your smartphone. Power bars are truly plug and play. These rechargeable bars hold power and with your phone connector can keep your device fully juiced. Get the most out of #AiA16 by sharing ideas and pictures through Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat and never […]

Attending SXSWedu? Five Easy Tips For Your Trip

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Five Tips For SXSWedu

1. Download the SXSWedu application. You’re excited about traveling to Austin now is the time to download the application. Use the app to build your strategy to get the most out of the conference. This user friendly app puts the conference right in your hand.   2. Start introducing yourself. The best part of every […]

Kickstart Brain Health Awareness Week

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  Brain Fit Now!  Is brain health on your mind? Each March I join The Dana Foundation in creating awareness and celebrating Brain Health Awareness Week. This year’s celebration began by teaching a boot camp with San Diego OASIS.   Brain Health Survey Before the boot camp, participants completed a survey. The following are their survey responses: Do […]

Top 15 Aging Focused Organizations

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Resources For Professionals In Aging

Resources For The Future of Aging 25 years ago I knew I wanted something different for myself and more importantly to make a difference. All I needed to find was a direction to channel my mission.  I found that direction among my neighbors. You see I bought a home in a 1950s GI tract. As I began to […]