Neighborhood Yoga Benefits Senior Drivers

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benefits of yoga for senior drivers

Yoga in Your Neighborhood Whether you choose chair or basic yoga both benefit seniors says Krista Kuhlman! Krista is the “K” behind K-Squared Yoga a local business. K-Squared offers classes in yoga and meditation. Her goal is to offer affordable, community classes to get people moving in San Diego neighborhoods. As part of her training she began […]

Why Does An Amazon Review Matter To Senior Drivers?

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Amazon Review

  Amazon and the Senior Driver Last week Amazon added to its offerings Freewheeling After Sixty: Design Your Personalized Transportation System. Because it is my first book I was thrilled when someone bought the book. Then elated when the buyer left a review. The three star review also included the word disappointed. This is not what a new […]

My Grandma Needs To Give Up Driving

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Age-Friendly Business Consultant

Talking to Grandma About Driving Driving? When do you talk to experienced drivers about alternative transportation? The folks at Home Instead Senior Care suggest the “40-70 Rule.” This means if you are 40, or your parents are 70 it is time to talk. The rule makes sense and so does doing research before talking.  Create a Transportation Plan Similar […]

Seniors Behind The Wheel With Freewheeling after Sixty

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Senior Transportation Resource Book

Behind The Wheel: Freewheeling after Sixty “Just talk to me.” Is the phrase we use when trying to begin a difficult conversation. For many adult children of older parents talking about giving up driving is a talk that comes laden with fear, trepidation and often avoided. Here’s the good news, that is in the past and now […]