Yes, Dating In Your Seventies Is a Thing

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Senior Dating Classes

Dating Is Ageless Dating is often top of mind for the students in my Oasis Institute computer classes. Oasis offers adult learners over age fifty a variety of lifelong learning opportunities including classes, mentorship, and volunteer opportunities. After every session a student often would ask, Do you think I have the skills to try online dating? […]

Kathy Greenlee The Woman America Needs To Know

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Kathy Greenlee

Who is Kathy Greenlee? That might be the question most Americans ask. For those of us in the field of aging Kathy Greenlee is a familiar name. At a recent conference I was texting when over the public address it was announced Kathy Greenlee would be coming to the podium. I cut my text short and […]

Interdependence, Gerontologists, and @CoryBooker

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Cory Booker

Cory Booker A Gerontologists Best Friend Senator Cory Booker reminded the Democratic National Convention and America of our forefathers pledge for interdependence. My heart leapt! Interdependence has made its way to prime time. Quite possibly the word will become part of the American vocabulary. Perhaps that single word might change how we see older age? You see this […]

San Diego Seniors Lose Services in June

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Solutions For non profits serving seniors

Seniors Lose When Nonprofits Close In San Diego we all lose when a nonprofit organization serving seniors closes. For those in the field of aging we know when a nonprofit closes it means a lack of funding. It never means services are no longer needed. This week the National Institute on Retirement Security reported  “Women more likely […]

.@RepJohnLewis The Face of Active Aging

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Active Aging Rep. John Lewis

Active Aging: Rep. John Lewis via Social Media With my gerontologist lens on life my heart leaped as I watched the Right Honorable (a title given to certain high officials such as government ministers and one I loved the sound of) Congressman John Lewis occupying the floor of the House at the U.S. Capitol. Congressman John Lewis has long […]

Does @realDonaldTrump Need More Sleep?

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Is Donald Trump Sleep Deprived?

Does Donald Trump Need More Sleep? That’s the question I asked myself as I heard Donald Trump say “I’m not a big sleeper.” In his speech suggesting Hillary Clinton might be a better sleep aid than Sominex he also disclosed his sleep habits. As a gerontologist I watch the news and the world through a different lens. Trends […]

Op-Ed To Doc-Ed “Take 5” An Opportunity to #DisruptAging

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Change Aging With Social Media

AMC “Take 5” Connects Viewers To Newsmakers Today on Morning Joe I caught a brief segment on the future of op-ed pieces in the age of social media and another link in changing how we see aging. AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan joined the conversation to announce the launch of Doc Club available on Sundance Now. The brief, five […]

Is Mesh The Alternative To the Aging Services Patchwork?

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Aging Services in San Diego

Aging Services: Mesh Versus Patchwork Mesh is described as similar to a web or a net as it has many attached and connected woven strands. Patchwork is the piecing small pieces of fabric together to create a larger piece. What if we changed how we talked about the aging services network? Why Ask The Question? Dr. Bill […]

American Airports: No Place For Old People

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American Airports Failing In Plain Sight   SAN-SFO-AUS-DFW-DCA-IAD are a few airports I’m familiar with that make no attempt to meet the growing needs of America’s aging society. With over 65 million Americans in the retirement pool and 10,000 Americans turning age 65 every day for the next 15 years, airports seem to be ignoring the writing on the […]