Life is 90% How You Take It – Tips for Aging Well

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Life is 10% what you make of it (1)

The Power of Resilience – Age Well When you look back and see where you come from consider the power of resilience. Now a common catch phrase is #adulting. Often it refers to doing something unpleasant. For the most part having to move toward something rather than running away. In a word resilience. Age and […]

Are You Ready to Join the Freewheeling Movement?

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Freewheeling Movement What is the Freewheeling Movement? Specifically a movement to create awareness among aging drivers about their transportation options. As well as, emphasizing they have choices. In addition, through awareness may come the need to lobby for transportation options. Aging Well and Mobility To explain the Freewheeling Movement is to emphasize what living longer […]

Winners Never Quit

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Motivation Quote

Motivation for Mainstream While once motivation quotes were for business in 2017 they benefit each of us. Though many of set fitness, relationship or work goals at the end of the year do we celebrate success? Use this quote as a reminder you are a winner! About Judi Judi Bonilla is the Director of Program Innovation at […]

Words To Live By…This is what June looks like

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Judi Bonilla Gerontologist

June already, what is next? As June end and July begins I wonder, What is next? Halfway through the year it is my time to evaluate the progress or lack of progress in my practice and my business. The year has been full of firsts. Speaking at SXSW and a book launch Freewheeling after Sixty. […]