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Health Benefits of Celebrating #FriendshipDay

Benefits of Friendship Day

Benefits of Friendship Day

Benefits of Friendship

While the benefits of the friendship have long been described in poetry, books, and film. Now, there is another reason to gather your friends near. The facts are in the research. according to William Chopik, an assistant professor of psychology at Michigan State University.

Chopik reports, as we age friendships become deeper and make us happy. On the other hand, familial friendships may not provide the same degree of happiness. Since family members often become the primary caregivers.

In view of these facts, friendships are a priority for aging well. If you are retired enjoy the flexibility to join classes, clubs, Meetups, and volunteer. Now, the important tip when making new friends take your time. In addition, take your time. By all means get to know your new friend.As a matter of fact consider this a form of dating. After all these new friends might be yours for a lifetime.

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