Are Older Adults Using Lyft and Uber?

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When older adults are considering giving up the keys due to health or safety reasons, a number of questions come to mind. How will I get around? Can I get to the store or to the doctor? How will this affect my social life? While some adults may choose to move to walk and transit-friendly communities or independent living facilities that offer transportation, others may decide to remain in their communities with family members or neighbors, volunteer drivers, taxi/rideshare or transit are better solutions for them. No matter the choice, transportation is vital for maintaining a connection to community and independence.

The National Aging and Disability Transportation Center is hosting #TransportationOptions Twitter Chat on June 20th. Follow the conversation 2 PM EST and 11 AM PST!

Please join us, and share resources, news, and model programs on driver safety and transition during the #TransportationOptions Twitter Chat!

How to Start This Important Conversation

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