Empower yourself with these tips to make your next shopping trip as safe as possible. Please read, share, and most importantly use before your next trip to the supermarket.

Use senior hours
Identify age-friendly hours at your local market and specialty stores.

Create a shopping list
Write a detailed shopping list before leaving home. Pro tip: Minimize the number of trips you make until the pandemic is over.

Check your list twice
Shop your pantry. Reduce your stress by not running out of your favorite food items.

Eat for wellness
Practice self-awareness and stress management. Remember your body needs a balanced diet. Add extra fruit and vegetables for snacking to your shopping list.

Pack hand sanitizer
Remember to carry hand sanitizer with you. (Most supermarkets do not have sanitizer stations). Remember to bring your own bags too!

Shop mindfully
Set your intention to keep your hands away from your face while shopping.

Keep your distance
When arriving at the supermarket remember to stay six feet from other customers. Pro tip: Pay attention many of your fellow shoppers might be preoccupied reduce your risk for injury or falls.

Safely pay and go
Sanitize your hands after paying for your groceries and also after loading the groceries into the car.

Sanitize your hands
When unpacking groceries place your non-perishable purchases on a counter and put your perishable products away. Pro tip:If you need to use something immediately, and want to take extra precautions, wipe the package down with a disinfectant.

Regularly wash your hands
Wash your hands after putting your groceries away. Pro tip: For good measure wash your hands every 30 minutes.

Please comment if you have a tip to share. For more tips visit the CDC site Daily Life and Coping with COVID-19.

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