Advice for Professionals – Empowered Aging it Takes a Network #AgeOutLoud

Advice for Empowered Aging

Advice for Professionals Empowered Aging it Takes a NetworkEmpowered Aging it Takes a Network

Advice for Professionals in the Aging Sector

Since May is the time for graduation and new beginnings I am launching a network for people in the aging sector. Five Generations is an online network, enabling people to blog or share images including their field of study, projects, programs, services, and experiences. 

If you are graduating from college share why you chose this career path?

Perhaps you are in the early stages of your career share with us your wins and learning.

In the middle of your work life tell us about your projects, programs, and services.

Finally, if you are wrapping up a career in aging and launching your encore phase. 

Five Generations a Platform for Storytelling

Whether it’s your first blog post or a look back at your career, 5 Generations goal is to connect people to the aging experience. With a goal to change the narrative about aging, hands-on tech support, and a growing demand, 5 Generations is the easiest way for people to share their message and showcase their expertise to an online audience of millions. If you are interested in joining this free network message me and we’ll get you started.

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About Me

Currently, I am the Director of Program Innovation at Advocates For Aging. My claim to fame? First gerontologist to speak at South by Southwest. Another accomplishment?  Freewheeling After Sixty the first book to make it easier for older adults to give up driving. Lastly, this summer I’ll be speaking at the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging on Let’s Talk Sexy: It’s Part of Aging.

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