SoCal Fires Highlight Need For Evacuation Plan For Elders

evacuation plan for elders

In today’s news, the fires in Southern California continue to burn and authorities confirm the first fire-related death. A 70-year-old woman fleeing the wildfire was killed in a car crash along an evacuation route.

The death highlights the need for emergency preparedness for older adults. Notably, the Center for Disease Control reports older adults are more vulnerable in a disaster. In fact,  a 2005 Harris poll found 13 million people over age 50 said they would need help evacuating during a disaster. Specifically, elders are more likely to have limited physical mobility, hearing loss or chronic health conditions.

Disaster Evacuation Tips

In case of disaster, experts recommend individuals develop a personalized evacuation plan. Additionally, they advise a formal strategy for pets or service animals. The American Red Cross advises three preparation tips.

  1. Create a disaster kit – with personalized emergency items
  2. Develop an evacuation and communication plan – a strategy to safely evacuation and stay in contact with others.
  3. Be informed  – stay current with community hazards before a disaster occurs

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