The Everyday Gerontologist™ Coaching Geropreneurs


The Rise of Geropreneurs™

The World Economic Forum reports by next year almost 70 percent of the United States disposable income will be held by individuals over age sixty. Currently, there are 10,000 baby boomers turning age 65 every for the next twenty years. Following them are the millennials, an even larger cohort. With that statistic the rise of Geropreneurs™ has begun. Geropreneurs™ are defined as individuals interested in developing an idea into a business working within the aging space.Geropreneurs

Similar to their entrepreneur counterparts they often see a problem and know they have a solution. The difference? While aging is a passage of life the client is a person, not a widget. Products and services are used by an individual with a least 65 of life experience. These individuals are also more ethnically and racially diverse than ever before.

Coaching For Geropreneurs™

For almost a decade I’ve been working in the field of aging, in the last few years on a weekly basis I receive a phone call asking for business advice. The caller is eager to launch a business and interested in picking my brain over coffee. In these conversations I hear a pattern, everyone needs their service or product if they are over age 65. The truth is no they don’t. Building a business for everyone means ends up with a business serving no one.

If you are thinking about launching a business join me for a limited time as I beta test Geropreneur™ Academy. During a coaching program we’ll take your idea through concept testing, operations, financials, marketing, and sales coaching.


Judi Bonilla is the Director of Program Innovation at Advocates For Aging. Previously she was a fellow for Hispanic In Philanthropy and Senior Service America, Inc. Bonilla has spoken at South by Southwest (SXSW) the American Society on Aging, and Certified Senior Advisors conferences. She has received a Special Commendation from the City of San Diego for the inaugural Older Driver Awareness Week in San Diego, the Jack Gorelick Achievement Award for her passionate commitment and perseverance to the growth of the profession of travel instruction from the Association of Travel Instruction and the Innovative Transportation Solutions Award from Women In Transportation.