Film Review The Last Word Who Has It?

Film Review The Last Word Movie

The Background

Have you ever thought you might be a part of history? I have. It occurred to me when I was talking to my friend Bill Craddock. You see Bill was a Pearl Harbor survivor. When he recounted the day at Pearl Harbor it sounded like any other day. Until the attack. Even then it wasn’t history. It was a day he tried to survive. While watching The Last Word I had a similar thought. Those who lived in the Seventies were part of women in the workforce history.

About The Last Word

In The Last Word, the lead character Harriet Lauler is played by Shirley MacLaine. Lauler is one of her generation’s successes in the business world. It’s hard to imagine but in three decades women have gone from having to wear a power suit to the right to wear a hoodie. We meet Harriet late in life, long into her retirement with plenty of time on her hands. The drive that saw her succeed in business is now directed to her staff as well as the newspaper. Through the newspaper, we meet journalist Anne Sherman played by Amanda Seyfried. Together Harriet and Anne dig into the past to discover the truth. 

About The Last Word

The older I get the more I understand how complicated living can be. While some say life is simple and we complicate it. I disagree living is complicated. In reality, our choices and reactions are intricate. Many of our responses are responses to past experiences, not the current situation.  More importantly, we often never explain the reasons Why. If you worked in the Seventies and Eighties watch this film with your friends. Then take your adult nephews, nieces, and grandchildren. Share with them your history. This is your legacy. You lived through an important part of history Answer their questions. Finally, listen.  Life has a funny of way of repeating itself. Who will have the last word of your life.

About Me

Currently, I am the Director of Program Innovation at Advocates For Aging. My claim to fame? First gerontologist to speak at South by Southwest. Another accomplishment?  Freewheeling After Sixty the first book to make it easier for older adults to give up driving. Lastly, my most recent project online dating for age 65+ with Come Back Cupid. After all, love is ageless.

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