Find Love the Second Time Around?

Finding Love the Second Time Around

Finding Love the Second Time Around

Love the Second Time Around

Finding love for the first time is daunting. However, finding love for the second, third, or fourth time is often more challenging. What if someone made it easier to help you navigate online dating? First, we listened to our students’ age 70 and older. Next, we combined our practical experience in online dating and research. Then we created a dating program to meet the needs of older daters.

Come Back Cupid

When you think of dating later in life you have several considerations. Often it begins with the tech skills needed. However, personal safety, sexual intimacy, and scam prevention soon follow. Come Back Cupid takes on all three topics in our coaching and classroom experience. Our program includes:

  1. Online Dating Advice
  2. Sexual Health Promotion
  3. Scam Awareness

Starting The Conversation

While some families discuss sexuality, aging, and caregiving there are many who don’t. If you have a family member interested in dating start the conversation. Similar to so many other topics having accurate information and realistic expectations are a gift we can give those we love. If you’re uncomfortable talking about dating, sex, or other age-related topics call in the experts. When you avoid the conversation you miss an opportunity for honest communication. While having a conversation about dating and sexuality with your parents or grandparents might be unexpected. Remember this is the 21st Century.

In The News

Now, we’re in Dating Advice: Finding Love The Second Time Around.

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Judi started her work in 1999, and she’s been on a mission ever since. From her beginnings as an aging information and referral company to launching one of the first Alexa Skills in 2017, she’s stayed true to her beliefs educate, empower and inspire. Judi owes huge thanks to her clients for joining her on this awesome journey, and she hopes you’ll continue to be a part of her community.

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