Grandparenting the Power of Legacy for Granddaughters

Divine 28 - Grandparenting the Power of Legacy for Granddaughters

Grandparenting Legacy Divine 28 - Grandparenting the Power of Legacy for Granddaughters

Often when I talk to parents of teens I think some things haven’t changed. When I look back over the decades since my 13th birthday I remember the hope I had. Hope the next generation of young women might be more confident, equal, and empowered. However, in 2017 those goals are still in work. Especially, when it comes to periods. In brief the 28-day menstrual cycle. While 50% of the country has experienced a menstrual cycle the conversation for many is uncomfortable.

The Menstruation Fairy?

In contrast to the Tooth Fairy. Everyone loves the Tooth Fairy! However, there is no Menstruation Fairy. Instead, there is My Divine 28! A startup to help teens and women feel confident during their menstrual cycle. While talking to the Founder Gina Watson I found a woman changing the stereotype of “the curse.” What if we shifted this physical passage as a celebration? Similarly to aging menstruation is part of the life cycle. It varies in each woman. Again, similar to aging each experience is different. However, there are some basics.

The Power of Grandparenting

Now as many proudly accept the title of grandparent we bring our wisdom. In fact, for many, it is a time to share their life experience. Often women have an opportunity to improve the lives of their grandchildren. If you have a granddaughter you want to spare her the embarrassment or perhaps self-consciousness you experienced. As a woman, I experienced breakthrough bleeding. Not to mention the fear of an accident. What if a product was both practical and a confidence builder?

Closing Thoughts

While Divine 28 focuses on a life change think about other areas where your life experience creates a legacy.

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