Heading To #AiA16? Come Tweet With Me!

How To Leverage Twitter For Business Tips For Entrepreneurs

Come Tweet With Me!

Today I shared this presentation with fellow entrepreneurs at Hera Hub coworking space and I believe it can be helpful to #AiA16 attendees. Watch this video to get tips on how to connect with your followers. Have questions? Direct Message me on Twitter.

Slide 1 Why Get Started on Twitter?

The compelling statistics that make using Twitter a priority for businesses and organizations.

Slide 2 Getting Set Up

Key elements to crafting a bio that will enable your profile to be found.

Slide 3 Before You Tweet

Questions to ask to identify your why for tweeting. Pinpointing your reason enables you to establish a budget for resources to manage your Twitter account.

Slide 4 When You Tweet

I suggest asking these two questions before tweeting any content.

Slide 5 The SCC System

I created the SCC System for my clients to keep them focused on using Twitter to build engage and build their accounts.

Slide 6 Share

Tips for content to share.

Slides 8 – 10 Examples of Tweets

Use my method of creating tweets to increase engagement and establish connections with followers.

Slide 11 Connect

Four tips to build connections on Twitter.

Slide 12 Collaborate

Collaborate with your Twitter following to share each other’s events.

Slide 13 What Do I Tweet?

Four examples of content to tweet.

Slide 14 Free Tools

Four tools I use almost every day to share content on Twitter.


Use thisto kickstart your Twitter strategy. [pdf-embedder url=”https://judibonilla.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Tweet-Tweet-Use-Twitter-To-Leverage-Your-Business-1.pdf”]