Kickstart Brain Health Awareness Week


kickstart brain awareness weekBrain Fit Now! 

Is brain health on your mind? Each March I join The Dana Foundation in creating awareness and celebrating Brain Health Awareness Week. This year’s celebration began by teaching a boot camp with San Diego OASIS.  

Brain Health Survey

Before the boot camp, participants completed a survey. The following are their survey responses:

  • Do you discuss memory loss and  Alzheimer’s disease with your healthcare provider? 38% responded YES.
  • Where do you get your information on how to improve your brain health and reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease? 63%  responded INTERNET.
  • Have you taken a brain health class before? 75% responded NO.

Brain Health Survey Participants

Age of Respondent

22% Age 50 – 64

78%  Age 65 – 80 

Gender of Respondent

78% Female

22% Male

Ethnicity of Respondent

88% White/Caucasian

12% Asian

What Can You Do?Kickstart Brain Health Class for San Diego Seniors

Take action! It’s time to get involved and take charge of your lifestyle choices. Our program is research based and we recommend our Brain Booster Six™

1. Manage Your Health – Know your current health profile and manage any chronic conditions.

2. Physical Activity – Get moving. Use our Power of 10™ program to increase  your physical activity.

3. Nutrition – Increase your intake and fruit and vegetable and lean to green when eating.

4. Get Connected – Build your social network online and offline. 

5. Lifelong Learning – Create time to explore ideas, interests and engage your brain.

6. Mindfulness – Develop a daily mindfulness practice to decrease your stress.

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