From #SMMW16 Build Your Brand With Video @Schmittastic

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Build your brand authority

Being the Best Bridesmaid changed Amy Schmittauer Life When Amy Schmittauer became a replacement bridesmaid she wanted to make a lasting impression on her close friend. In her video she connected the wedding guests to the life and love of the couple on an emotional level that brought tears and laugher. That one video changed Amy’s life […]

Tips For Better Storytelling With @ParkHowell

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storytelling with Park Howell

The Power of Storytelling If you’re an entrepreneur you are reminded how important storytelling is to your business. It’s  the platform to share your message with potential clients. Are you a good storyteller,” asked Park Howell to a room full of social media and marketing professionals. Are you a good storyteller? I asked myself and raised […]

Village to Village The Key To Age Friendly Communities

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Are San Diego Villages The Key To Better Health?

The Village Concept The Village Concept is part of a movement started by the Beacon Hill Village 2002. The idea is having elders stay in their communities and bring in services to support aging in place. As a result, the Beacon Hill village’s pioneering effort has led to over 140 villages around the world. On a national […]

Is Mesh The Alternative To the Aging Services Patchwork?

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Aging Services in San Diego

Aging Services: Mesh Versus Patchwork Mesh is described as similar to a web or a net as it has many attached and connected woven strands. Patchwork is the piecing small pieces of fabric together to create a larger piece. What if we changed how we talked about the aging services network? Why Ask The Question? Dr. Bill […]

Breaking Bread With @DrBillThomas

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Age Of Disruption Tour

Breaking Bread A Conversation With Dr. Bill Thomas This week Eden Alternative and Green House Project founder, blogger and musician Dr. Bill Thomas arrived in San Diego as part of his Age of Disruption Tour. The tour was an opportunity for San Diegans and those working in the field of aging to explore and share their […]

American Airports: No Place For Old People

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American Airports Failing In Plain Sight   SAN-SFO-AUS-DFW-DCA-IAD are a few airports I’m familiar with that make no attempt to meet the growing needs of America’s aging society. With over 65 million Americans in the retirement pool and 10,000 Americans turning age 65 every day for the next 15 years, airports seem to be ignoring the writing on the […]

.@DrBillThomas Age Of Disruption Tour Comes To #SanDiego

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Dr Bill Thomas Age of Disruption Tour San Diego

AGE OF DISRUPTION TOUR Our culture tells us that aging will change us against our will, and for the worse. Internationally acclaimed longevity expert Dr. Bill Thomas argues that this is false. Blending myth and science, live music and visuals, Dr. Bill Thomas’ Age of Disruption Tour is a modern day American Chautauqua barnstorming the country in […]