When Does Old Age Begin?

Questions About Age on #Anchor

Anchor Question: When Does Old Age Begin?

Questions About Old Age on #Anchor


That was the question I posed on the new platform Anchor. If you’re unfamiliar with this latest app here’s the short story. You can record brief audio clips and share them to a global community. By the way it is free!!

Why ask, “When Does Old Age Begin?” Curiosity and also because I’m a gerontologist doing my best to start the conversation about aging. If you’re similar to me I do better when I’m prepared. Yeah, think about it. Don’t you wish someone had told you the intricacies of relationships, sex, education, cooking, and career? (You pick the order of priority!

Join me as I ask the questions about aging, share your thoughts and let’s see if we can make aging the way it was always meant to be, part of life!