Older Americans Month 2016

Introducing Celebrating the 21st Century

May Is Older Americans Month …How Are You Celebrating?

Introducing Celebrating the 21st Century Americans


Are you celebrating? Over 16 years ago at the stroke of midnight on January 31, 1999 we entered the 21st century. We  also began the process of remaking America into an age friendly nation.

During this century 74.9 million Baby Boomers began turning age 65 and more astoundingly some of their 75.4 million Millennial descendant will too. This year I ask you to consider: What does aging mean to you?

What does aging mean to you?

A simple question with life changing ramifications. Consider this that one questions frames your world and how you move within it. Your thoughts about aging also influence;

  1. How you see yourself.
  2. How you see others.
  3. How you see the world around you.

This May follow and share the questions because we’re all aging. And what better way to celebrate by being all in? For a look at aging in the 21st century check out Josh Zumbrun’s article in the Wall Street Journal Baby Boomers, Just Eclipsed by Millennials, Will Soon Be No. 3.