Packing for #AiA16? Check this list before leaving home.

Tips For #AiA Conference Tips

1. Power Up! Your must have is a collection of power bars for your smartphone.

Power bars are truly plug and play. These rechargeable bars

Top 5 List For #AiA16
Power Bars For Your Smartphone

hold power and with your phone connector can keep your device fully juiced. Get the most out of #AiA16 by sharing ideas and pictures through Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat and never worry about enough power. My favorite place to stock up on power is at Ross Stores at under $10 these are a bargain and eliminate the search for a wall outlet. User info: Using your charging cable plug the USB end into the charger and plug the other side of the cable into your phone.

2. Start introducing yourself.

Download the #AiA16 App
Cheers to App Sponsor, Cigna-HealthSpring

Last week I had the honor to speak at SXSW and a major takeaway is that conference attendees are eager to connect (we’re all just a little shy). Download the #AiA16 app sponsored by Cigna-HealthSpring. Sign up is very simple and only requires and you to enter an email address and create a password. Once your earn use the search feature by entering keywords. This will enable you to discover topics and speakers of interest. I suggest taking it one step further and follow these individuals on Twitter and Facebook. More importantly if it’s a topic you are passionate about connect with them on LinkedIn.

3. Schedule smart.

Modify the S.M.A.R.T. (defined as specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound) goal principle for the conference.  

Specific – Be specific on your intent for the conference. Are you there to connect, gather information, or perhaps another reason?

Measurable –  Are you inspired after attending a workshop or session? Use the app to connect with the presenter. Those of us who are speaking enjoy connecting and have a message we want to share.

Achievable – Do what you can with what you have. Plan and then let yourself experience #AiA16. With concurrent sessions you may not be able to attend every event. Use the app to follow up and connect with speakers on events you were unable to attend.

Results Focused – What is your intended takeaway? Connecting with a presenter? Attending and connecting with a Peer Group? Identifying and requesting mentorship? Keep that in mind as you plan for schedule.

Time Bound – Whether you are attending a one day event or all five days. Set a daily goal to support achieving your overarching goal. Time is limited do your best to make each moment count.

4. Travel smart.

Pack your conference clothes and your play clothes too. Your favorite and comfortable t-shirt, sweatshirt or pair of slippers. Something that signals your mind and body it’s okay to relax. I also suggest you pack the important electronics first! My last trip I forgot to pack my curling iron. I used it the morning of my flight, unplugged it to cool down, and then it spent the rest of the week on  my bathroom counter. I picked up a more expensive version and now that curling iron will  live in my suitcase. I suggest, if you have a favorite beauty product or health tool buy a duplicate and keep it in your travel bag.

5. Pack your snacks.

Kind Health Grains My Choice For conference Snack
Easy to pack, nutritious, and taste make Kind Health Grains my snack choice

Lastly plan for an irregular schedule. Time zones, great conversations, and squeezing every moment out of your #AiA16 experience can lead to missed meals. Pack your go to snack. My favorite is the easy to pack Kind snacks. My special tip: Get to Costco or Sam’s Club tonight and pick these snacks up! Save time and money by packing these treats. If you’re checking in your luggage make sure you pack treats in your carry on luggage.  Consider this your hedge against delayed flights or airport food too!

6. Pack multiple bottles of hand sanitizer.

In your carry on bag, purse, backpack or pocket. When soap and water aren’t available, hand sanitizer is a good alternative. Remember almost 80 percent of all infections get spread by hands, pocket sanitizers are a great way to stop bacteria and viruses.

If you enjoyed this list please share! More importantly connect with me at #AiA16! I’ll be presenting at these sessions.

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