Policymakers and Their Plans For Your Older Age

Policymakers and your older age

Policymakers and Their Plans For Your Older Ageolder adults and policymakers

Most policymakers govern from a midlife standpoint, what do they know about aging? If you are age sixty or older your viewpoint about age has changed. Indeed twenty years can change your perspective. 

Aging and Advocacy

During the election, identity politics became a talking point. Defined as political positions based on interests and perspectives of social groups with which people identify. I equate identity politics with subject matter expertise. Are you age sixty and over? If so now is your time to become involved. Your local officials need to hear from you. Policymakers need to hear from former midlifers on how age changes attitudes.

Age Well San Diego

Today the County of San Diego held a listening session as part of an age-friendly initiative. By the time the initiative is in place many who are midlife will have moved into older age. During the decade their needs will have changed. If you live in San Diego I encourage you to attend these events. By the time policymakers learn what you know it will be too late. Make the time to share your expertise on how aging can change your point of view.

Remember with every vote your policymaker is determining your future. For more information on future listening sessions in San Diego contact 858.495.5525


About the Author

Judi Bonilla is the author of Freewheeling after Sixty and Director of Program Innovation at Advocates For Aging. She is the first gerontologist selected to speak at South by Southwest. In addition, she presented at the American Society on Aging and Certified Senior Advisors conferences. Previously she was a fellow for Hispanic In Philanthropy and Senior Service America, Inc. Most recently she received a Special Commendation from the City of San Diego for launching Older Driver Awareness Week. 

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