In Praise of Goldie Hawn’s Hands – Embracing Aging in Films

In praise of Goldie Hawn's Hands

In praise of Goldie Hawn's Hands

Goldie Hawn’s Hands

When I go to the movies I watch with two objectives. First, how is the aging process depicted? Second, is worth the price of a matinee ticket or full price? Yesterday, I saw the comedy movie Snatched with Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer. If you are age 40 or over this movie may have special meaning for you. By watching this comedy moviegoers will see a familiar and effervescent aging Hawn. In particular pay attention to her hands. They are exquisite. While we’re accustomed to airbrushing and body doubles in this movie Hawn’s character has hands mirroring her age.

Finding the Beauty in Change

If you think of change often the sentiment is for improvement or advancement. What if we thought of age as proof of improvement and advancement? For example, every age spot, a badge of honor and achievement. Perhaps the world where wrinkles and lines represent an advanced degree in life? Lastly, where earning gray hair was truly honored as proof for beating the odds of being born and getting older. Recently the odds of being born are reported to be 1 in 400 trillion.

When Art Imitates Life

Now that the terms girl and woman power are part of our collective language, let’s internalize our speech. What if self-awareness included self-acceptance of our bodies as we age? With this mind, we embrace changing bodies as we experience our changing life. Perhaps, that is when art will truly imitate life. Now as I admire my aging hands I give praise to Goldie Hawn’s hands, the filmmaker, and 20th Century Fox who captured their beauty.

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