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Tips From #SMMW16 Using LinkedIn To Engage Prospects With @LinkedInExpert

LinkedIn Prospects: What’s Your COI?

COI that would be Cost of Inaction says Viveka von Rosen @LinkedInExpert.prospects for linkedin

3 Common LinkedIn Myths

  1. Company Pages are only for Big Companies
  2. No one looks at LinkedIn Posts anymore
  3. My profile is good enough

Company Pages

No. They are free and they are for every business. It looks bad if you don’t have a business, says Viveka von Rosen

Header Image – Change your image when you have event, new series, and product launch. Use this section as a billboard to generate return visits to your page. Feature a client or employee on your company page. Create an update series. Remember to add your phone number, email and website to your header.  Inspire clients to visit your business page – gamify this with a discount code.

Update Series

Sponsored Updates

Share posts that are already successful , use CTA’s and emoj’s focus on visuals. If you want more views use Pay Per Click (PPC). If you want Pay Per Mention (PPM). Remember to microtarget, you will get higher conversion with less money.

My Profile Is Good Enough

Use your background image and include your contact information and products. Use a unique phone number or email address to trace requests from LinkedIn profiles. Media adds credibility. Include video, product demonstrations, portfolios, interviews, news mentions, book reviews, and examples of work. Engage with your LinkedIn prospects. Add your YouTube channel as an experience and add upto five videos to your profile.

No One Looks at LinkedIn Posts

Use keywords to position yourself when writing posts for LinkedIn. Consider embedding media and use calls to action. End with a  bio and latest offer with link. About using  Publisher 900-1400 words and 700 x 500 visuals. You can embed codes from YouTube and Blab. Tips: Add share image in your post. The trick is to copy the link back into the image.

Closing Tips For Engaging Prospects

  1. Update daily
  2. Share your posts more than one time
  3. Use visuals
  4. Upload a new picture

Book Mentioned in workshop

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